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Our Story

Wellcat was founded in 1987 as a registered charity in the UK by Pauline Beasley with a mission of finding unwanted cats and kittens and providing them loving new homes. She has dedicated her life to the rescue, welfare, and rehabilitation of cats and kittens. 30 years later, her passion for providing welfare for animals is as strong as ever. At the peak of the season there are up to 150 cats and kittens at Wellcat, with hundreds rehomed every year. Some are not so fortunate and may be too ill, sometimes terminally, or too badly injured, stressed, and neglected to be rehomed. These cats stay with us for the rest of their natural lives.

Financial Struggle

Running an animal rescue is, as you could expect, very expensive and keeping Wellcat going is a huge financial struggle. Food, heating, and lighting can cost up to £1,500/month, whilst the ever increasing vet bills can cost at least £3,000/month.

Wellcat relies solely on the donations, fundraising, bequests, and volunteers from a supportive community. It is only through their continued efforts that the charity can continue to keep on running. On behalf of Pauline and David at Wellcat, we would like to express our huge gratitude to any support and we are deeply indebted to the small number of volunteers who help feed, clean, and care for the many cats and kittens on a daily basis.

If you want to help contribute yourself, you can find out how you can help Here

The Present Situation

Over years the charity has seen thousands of cats and kittens pass through its doors – some no longer wanted, some replaced with a young kitten, while others are victims of broken homes, a house move, or the arrival of a child. Too often people take home an adorable fluffy kitten without sufficient thought into its future, even ignoring the fact that it will soon grow into an adult cat that could live for many years. The usual end result is that last year’s cute fluffy kitten becomes this year’s abandoned mother with kittens of her own – and so the cycle continues. Though, this isn’t just a female issue; unneutered toms (male cats), whether homeless or not, add to the growing issue of stray and feral cats in the UK.

Unfortunately some cats lose loving homes when their owner passes away or is moved into care. A much loved and faithful companion can then often be turned out to fend for theirselves. As well as missing their owner, such a drastic change can be particularly stressful and frightening time, especially since, for outdoor cats, this change can mean they can’t find a way back into their home.

Other cats lose their homes when a baby arrives as many people wrongly believe a cat will smother a baby. Cats, just as other pets, are often very good for children as they would teach them to show respect for other living creatures. The most sensible thing to do here is to not just throw your cat out but to always make sure it is kept away from the baby whilst asleep until the baby is older.

Not all felines in our care can be rehomed – some of our residents are terminally ill, while others have been too badly treated, neglected, or injured. Whatever the reason, these cats will have a dedicated and supportive home here at Wellcat for the rest of their natural lives. We will never put a cat to sleep; only ever under medical advice under exceptional circumstances considering the welfare of the individual.

Founded 1987

Registered Charity: 518860

Run by Volunteers

We rely solely on donations

Birmingham, UK

83 Miranda Close, Frankley, B45 0EH


We rely solely on donations to stay open. Every little bit helps so please donate what little you can